MONSID v4.12 has been released

Published: October 14, 2022

Last updated: October 14, 2022

The Fall 2022 release offers major updates to the MONSID® Toolkit.

We added a new Threshold Analysis section for tuning Fault Window and Fault Threshold settings for the MONSID engine. Engineers can now aggregate information across a large number playback files to rapidly visualize violation patterns, which makes it easier to tune MONSID Engine fault detection parameters. This new feature saves time and provides an aggregated view of model behavior.

Bulk Management of playback files and model definitions has been substantially improved. In combination with the new Threshold page, this makes it easier than ever to organize, manage and review large collections of files inside the Toolkit.

Latest changes included in MONSID v4.12:

  • Major update to the Toolkit web application
    • Added new Threshold Analysis page
    • Added drag and drop functionality to data and model libraries
    • Added filtering capability within libraries
    • Enhanced the user interface with a variety of updates throughout
  • Updated vcpkg to 2022.08.15
  • Addressed a variety of issues in core api and engine
MONSID v4.12 toolkit screenshot. Credit Okean Solutions.

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