MONSID v4.14 release - adjusting tolerances is easier

Published: May 9, 2023

Last updated: May 14, 2023

Version 4.14 introduces a new way to quickly update node tolerance values using monsid-exec. The tolerance update feature will make it easier to unit test components and complete model validation. Tolerance values can be easily specified using a yaml file instead of requiring model recompilations, providing a significant improvement to the development and testing cycle.

Also significantly updated was the Bulk Upload functionality in the MONSID® Toolkit web app to make it easier to globally associate playback files with a specific model.

Latest changes found in MONSID v4.14 include:

  • Added tolerance reader to monsid-exec
  • Consolidating release and release-livestream builds into a single sdk set
  • Improved error message reporting in monsid-exec
  • Some support methods have been updated to reduce memory impact
  • Various fixes and optimization updates in libraries and tools
  • Updated bulk upload functionality in Toolkit
  • Improved auto-join and various fixes in Toolkit live stream
  • Updated vcpkg to 2023.02.24

MONSID® is a registered trademark of Okean Solutions, Inc.