MONSID Summer Release v4.15

Published: July 10, 2023

Last updated: July 10, 2023

The MONSID® API has always been designed for cross-platform development. Until now, projects needed to maintain both a Visual Studio project file and a makefile to allow development across Windows and Linux platforms. With our latest release of MONSID v4.15, the addition of CMake support functionality provides a single source of truth for easier project management and configuration.

To fulfill our goal of continuous improvement of the fault management API, we have revamped MONSID's calculation of consistency values.

These and other performance-related changes help make MONSID faster than ever.

Summary of changes released with MONSID v4.15:

  • Added CMake support
  • Improved the consistency value calculation
  • Improved processing of tolerance updates
  • Fixed a roundtrip issue with loss of precision during deserialization
  • Improved string handling in command-line tools
  • Various fixes and optimization updates in libraries and tools
  • Updated vcpkg to 2023.04.15

MONSID® is a registered trademark of Okean Solutions, Inc.