MONSID Fall Release v4.16

Published: October 1, 2023

Last updated: October 10, 2023

MONSID® v4.16 introduces a series of improvements to monsid-cli's PlaybackCompare feature. Not only does the byte-by-byte comparison help you find all areas where a calculation differs, but issues are now categorized, and you can adjust how values are compared. Faster algorithms also save you time.

One of the best characteristics of MONSID is it's deterministic nature: given the same data, you always get the same answer. Because of this, it’s easy to understand how MONSID determines the health state and to identify the source of a detected fault.

monsid-cli's PlaybackCompare feature is faster and provides more information
Improvements to monsid-cli v4.16
PlaybackCompare: byte-by-byte comparison helps find calculation differences, with functionality to categorize and adjust how values are compared. Credit Okean Solutions.

MONSID log files, called playback files, document every calculation. Playback files are critical components of explainability. Comparing playback files from different points in the development cycle also improves the development process. The PlaybackCompare feature from monsid-cli is incredibly helpful: easily see how a change in tolerances - or even a change in constraint logic - influences the outcome. More subtly, comparing playback files validates that your answers remain unchanged as your model code is upgraded or subjected to different compilation settings, sdk upgrades, dependency upgrades, or other changes.

We love PlaybackCompare because it keeps us all honest. Given the same data, you should get the same answer... and playback compare lets you prove that is the case. It's a workhorse. And now it's even better.

Summary of changes released with MONSID v4.16:

  • Revamped playback compare feature to improve speed and reporting
  • Added capability to tune delta sensitivity in playback compare
  • Improved cmake support for creation of executables
  • Added new VectorSensor type to SpecializedTypes
  • Minor updates to monsid-exec to improve file handling
  • Updated vcpkg to 2023.08.09

MONSID® is a registered trademark of Okean Solutions, Inc.

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