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Okean Solutions has worked on a variety of projects with industry leaders in the aerospace and defense sectors. Our flagship product, MONSID®, has been used on a wide range of projects. We work with our clients to develop state-of-the-art architectures for monitoring and controlling complex systems. We also specialize in digital engineering solutions, and modeling and simulation for cyber-physical systems.
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Navy SBIR Phase I 2022 Project: Data Integration for Model-centric Engineering using openCAESAR

January 11, 2023 (project start July 11, 2022)

Okean Solutions was awarded a 2022 Phase I SBIR contract with the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) group. The 6-month project was designed to show a new way of working with semantic data using Okean Solutions’ innovation called DIMON.

Digitial Engineering (DE) is mainstay in modern engineering design and production lines. With each vendor potentially utilizing different DE tools and terminology, the DE landscape can become hard to manage.

The Navy wanted to develop a solution that would facilitate the integration of data across disparate electronic sources of technical information in accordance with a pre-defined ontology that semantically informs data integration through prescribed concepts and relationships. The goal was to create a solution to directly address challenges associated with cross-tool/cross-vendor inoperability.

Okean Solutions' Data Integration solution for MOdel-centric eNgineering (DIMON, like “diamond”) to transition Navy SSP systems engineering processes to a digital working environment. Credit Okean Solutions.

Okean Solutions proposed the creation of the Data Integration for MOdel-centric eNgineering (DIMON, like “diamond”) system to transition Navy SSP systems engineering processes to a more efficient digital working environment. Digital Engineering teams will be able to leverage the DIMON server to integrate data from any vendor.

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NASA SBIR Phase I 2021 Project: Fault Management Analysis for Model-Centric Systems Engineering Tools

November 19, 2021

This was a SBIR Phase I 6-month project with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that included early technical development to determine the feasibility of the innovation.

This is a broad topic covering innovations to Fault Management (FM) design and implementation for NASA’s spacecraft programs.

The goal is to provide a system capability for management of future spacecraft, including onboard and offboard or ground-based components. Offboard components such as modeling techniques and tools, development environments, and verification and validation (V&V) technologies are needed, provided they contribute to novel or capable on-board fault management.

NASA SBIR Phase I 2021 Project - Advanced FM system modeling and analysis diagram. Credit Okean Solutions.

We proposed to improve FM system modeling and analysis by integrating our MONSID® model-based fault management tool/system with JPL’s Computer Aided Engineering for Systems Architecture (CAESAR) platform, thereby creating greater visibility into the FM process and lowering the barriers to entry for users who are not FM experts. The combined capability would advance the practice of FM to ultimately decrease labor and schedule costs while ensuring FM system robustness and appropriateness.

While the main application is FM design and software development, it could also be used in integration and test (I&T) and operations phases to update onboard FM models and in support of recovery operations.

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