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Okean Solutions is a consulting company that can help your team realize their goals. We've designed, developed and tested custom software since 2010. We understand project lifecycles from idea to operations. We have a combined engineering experience of 70+ years in satellite control systems, embedded systems, airplane and spacecraft avionics, modeling and simulation, and software architecture and development.

Our experts come from the Aerospace and IT/Software industries. At our core, we are a team of problem solvers, designers, and implementers dedicated to getting your projects operational and running reliably. Your team can benefit from the experience of people who have already worked on a variety of engineering projects.

Our core software product is the MONSID® system health assessment technology. This state-of-the-art technology is portable across many different software control architectures. We have built MONSID diagnostic models for space industry leaders including NASA and the US Space Force.

We have applied MONSID to high-fidelity test beds, rovers, and CubeSats. You benefit from our system-level understanding of the entire control software architecture as well as the nuances of incorporating fault detection and diagnosis in today’s ever-increasingly complex systems. No matter the size or complexity, we can help you across your entire project life cycle.

MONSID - Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection. Credit Okean Solutions.
Model-Based Off-Nominal
State Identification and Detection

Experience counts. Let Okean Solutions be there to help you!

Let Okean Solutions Consulting help with:

  • Fault Management and MONSID Integration
    • Incorporate MONSID into your existing fault response/autonomy systems faster
    • Understand how to best design your models
    • Better tailor MONSID to your specific needs
    • Become a more-effective MONSID user through training
  • Program and process management
    • Shorten implementation time, avoid costly development mistakes
    • Provide training so your team understands the implementation
  • Systems engineering
    • Perform trades and "what if" analyses to find the right solution
    • Develop operations concepts so stakeholders understand the big picture
  • Software Testing
    • Create a cost-effective testbed architecture
    • Develop and execute appropriate and verifiable test plans
  • Software tool development and process modeling
    • Perform physical system simulations (MATLAB/SIMULINK, C++)
    • Prototyping for design option evaluation
  • Control Systems design and analysis
    • Determine the appropriate control scheme for your system
    • Evaluate stability and performance to meet project goals

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